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Bahan Instalasi Listrik

By product nature and applications, there are thousands of electrical installation materials of different types. Whether they are electrical conduits, conduit fittings, junction boxes, adhesive tapes, clips or wire connectors…our inspection solution provided by our qualified inspectors is your second to none choice.

Over the past decade, we inspected hundreds of containers of these electrical installation materials for our customers from UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

We are open to any ideas and technical requirements from our customers to design the most suitable check list for their products inspection.

● Outlet boxes/Bar Hangers/Covers/Extension Rings/Conduit Bodies – UL514A
● Lock nuts/Metallic and Non-Metallic fittings/RIGID Pipe connectors/ Reducing Bushing/plastic bushing/Romex Connectors/Cable Clamps - UL514B;
● Flushed-mounted cover plates – UL 514D
● RIGID Elbow/Nipple/Coupling-UL6/6A
● EMT Elbow –UL797
● EMT/RIGID Strap/Hardware for the Support of Conduit, Tubing, and Cable. - UL1565/2239
● Liquid tight metallic flex conduit - UL 360.
● Liquid tight non-metallic flex conduit - UL 1660.
● Steel and Aluminum flexible conduit UL 1
● BS EN 60669-1:2018 (Switches for household and similar fixed-electrical installations)
BS EN 1363 (13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units)
● BS 4568 (Steel conduit and fittings)
● BS 4662 (Boxes for flush mounting of electrical accessories)
● BS 5733 (Surface Mount Back Boxes)
● BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations)
● BS 5733 (General Requirements for Electrical Accessories – Specification)
● BS 4662 (Specification for boxes for the enclosures of electrical accessories)
● BS 4578 (Steel conduits and fittings)

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